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It’i s no surprise Tulum is one amongst the foremost photographed spots in Mexico

Discover Tulum, from the beaches to the Mayan ruins, with an amazing vacation trip deal from Yucatan-Discounts.

Some 35miles south of Riviera Maya and eighty from Cancun, Tulum may be a getaway to the mega all-inclusive.

Tulum is home to the largest and most lovely beach on the Yucatan Peninsula. Which in fact is saying one thing, a must-see . It’s a tranquil, trendy beach paradise on the southeast coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, overlooking the Caribbean.

A backpacker hangout that has achieved close to legendary status, Tulum is slow-paced tropical beach retreat, completely different from the action-packed northern resorts of 5th Avenida Playa and Cancun.

If you are seeking a peaceful Caribbean beach trip where you’ll be able to extremely revitalise, a higher alternative than Tulum would be so difficult to imagine.


Why Tulum:

Tulum is a small developed village less than the Riviera Maya. And when you select| on a tripto Tulum, you do not simply get a excellent sandy beach. You’ll be able to} explore Tulum deep rainforest jungle and cenotes, mayan culture and ruins of ancient.

The beach:

First spot of decision on a vacation tour to Tulum is the beach and it’s impeccable beauty, sand and  Caribbean waters that fluctuate between sapphire and turquoise

Within the background a bouque of palm trees away, within the breeze, coral gardens teem with tropical fish.

The beach is legendary known} for the visitors from the sea, ocean turtles swimming in turtles bay Akumal, though if they do not come back to you you’ll be able to move to them.

There’s additionally a smattering of chilled-out beach bars on the beach, where you’ll be able to relax with an ice-cold Corona beer.


Mayan Ruins:

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Tulum is excellent for a video spot of Indiana Jones adventures ziplining. It’s the location of an ancient Maya civilization. Tulum is home to a number of the most well preserved and popular mayan ruins within the Yucatan Peninsula. Highlights is The Walled City with its Maya castle and central ceremonial plaza, the Temple of the Descending God and The Temple of the Initial Series.

Providing the right mix of culture, beaches and natural beauty, a memorable trip

 Tulum is simply a must see tour only half hour away!

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TulumTulum The ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum Mexico are within easy reach From the Riviera Maya and Cancun Hotel Zone, it makes a fascinating trip for anybody intrigued by the Mayan empire. A trip to Tulum is one of the most beautiful Mayan tours, attended by a local guide of Yucatan-Discounts. Arrive in the early Read more

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