Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan Peninsula

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Yucatan Peninsula

Extending along the Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast, is Riviera Maya.

Yucatan peninsula northern part Cancún and Playa del Carmen’s are only 50 kms away.

Deep in Mexico’s rainforest jungle, where cougar and panther hunt, are traces of an ancient civilization. This fascinating place where, 4,000 years ago, individuals studied the stars and arithmetic and created the precise 365-day calendar. They made blood sacrifices to their gods, and prayed for victory in war and for entering Xibalaba in grace.

These were the Maya and that they designed their wondrous cities in Central America. But it was here on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, between 400 and 900AD, that their arts and cities extremely flourished.

To discover the Mayan culture I suggest you spend up a half of your time on your Mexican beach vacation and head inland.

Explore Yucatan’s Legends of the Mayas tour, which can be booked by your Yucatan-discounts all day tour.

This is where the real maya encounter takes place, where mexico comes alive, among descendants of the Maya who still live by traditions and culture , and just as their ancestors did.

Criss-crossing the Yucatan Peninsula searching for awesome archaeological sites, you can find that tours provides tons of entertainment and facts and history.

Be prepared with walking shows, water for heat, repellent for mosquitoes and take cash to shop for wonderful carvings, silver jewellery and alternative trinkets.

Taste some real Mayan food, like pork wrapped in banana leaves “cochinita”, and a tortilla filled with hard-boiled egg and smothered in a pumpkin seed sauce.

Escaped your five-star beach resort in Riviera Maya to see a bit of the country and learn additional concerning native history and culture. Please do not sit on a beach for entire days and nights.

Chichen Itza, an ancient mayan site mysteriously abandoned by the Maya in the thirteenth century.

Its temples are dominated by a 90 mt four-sided pyramid. The arqueological site attracts more than three million tourists each year, and their money helps save a lot of ruins from being engulfed by green jungle.Yucatan visit is a warranty that you will emerged, happy that you had experienced many of the mysteries of an ancient world.

Coba  next in the Yucatan Peninsula, its temples and pyramids hidden beneath a rainforest with spider monkeys and butterflies.

Here you can see a restored “ball court” where a ceremonial game was played to the extreme out by Mayan men.

You can always quenched your thirst with ice-cold Corona beer and tequila mayan cofee served in an elaborate ritual that involves setting fire to the alcohol.

Valladolid, a Spanish colonial town with some fabulous architecture.

At Uxmal, a seat of Mayan power till the 12th century, temples adorned with elephant masks of the rain god, Chaac.

Tulum also in the Yucatan Peninsula is a lovely Mayan site perched on high cliffs on top of the sea, with a secret entrance in the barrier reef protecting the city from intruders by  sea.

Now with faded red frescoes show symbols of the Mayan gods, that strategically placed holes in the temple walls concentrating the sun’s rays into dazzling star shapes throughout the summer solstice.

Explore the “Yucatan Péninsula” and discover the  legends of a lost world book it with yucatan-discounts with offers in a great range of family, all-inclusive tour options, Chichen Itza-Coba-Tulum is a Maya most popular holiday trip in Riviera Maya.

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Chichen Itza tour

Chichen Itza tour

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Coba Adventure

Yucatan Peninsula
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