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Cancun Hoteles

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Cancun Hoteles in Quintana Roo. Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

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Cancun Hoteles in Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

Cancun Hoteles , according to SEDETUR  Cancun Hoteles and tourism report an influx of 15 million 683 thousand 167 visitors a year, an unusual growth of 4.6 percent per year and a hotel occupancy of more than 80 percent, the State of Quintana Roo maintains its leadership in tourism and continues to drive the Consolidation of healthy destinations, strong and with more and better opportunities for all.

In addition to the constant flow of vacationers, in recent days the presence of figures from the artistic field, fashion and sports, who come to enjoy the tourist attractions of the Mexican Caribbean; Among them, tennis player Serena Williams, champion Lorena Ochoa who participated in two golf tournaments, sisters Kardashian, Kim and Kourtney, actor Al Pacino, Miss Universe 2016, Zuleyka Rivera; Among other public figures.

Despite the global economic slowdown, Cancún and Riviera Maya occupy more than 82%, mobilizing domestic and foreign passengers who enjoy family, couple or friends with the tourist attractions offered by the entity; Among them, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, golf courses, marinas, archaeological zones, tours, among others.

According to report 5-2017 How are we going in Tourism? The results of the Easter Holiday 2017 – period from April 8 to 23 – report a hotel occupancy of 87.9% with the presence of 629 thousand 271 tourists and an economic spill of 439.7 million dollars.

In this period – and thanks to the fact that Quintana Roo has a united and strong sector – Cancun registered a hotel occupancy of 88.4%, Cozumel 76%, Isla Mujeres 76%, Riviera Maya 90.1% and Chetumal 65.7%, respectively.

Calculations for Cancun Hoteles by the Ministry of Tourism, DATATUR, the Riviera Maya and Cancun Barometers, as well as the Municipal Tourism Directorate of Isla Mujeres and the Cancun Hotel Association, indicate that the Easter holiday period 2017 is considered “the Best holiday season in the last 10 years. ”

From January to March 2017, Cancun International Airport reports 5,935 domestic flight arrivals, 12,996 international flight arrivals; In total, a movement of 6 million 159 thousand passengers. Meanwhile, the Chetumal air terminal recorded 166 arrivals of domestic flights, 17 international flights and a total of 19,124 passengers. Cozumel reported 616 domestic flights, 516 international flights and a total of 170,335 passengers received.

Tourism Secretary Marisol Vanegas Pérez highlighted that the successful results in tourism also include the cruise sector which, based on the projections provided by the lines that make up the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) next event in Merida Yucatan, report that Cozumel, Quintana Roo , Will be positioned this year as the number one destination for cruises worldwide with 3.6 million visitors and 111 111 arrivals.

“Mexico this year endorsed its leadership in cruising with 2,286 scheduled arrivals and 6.4 million visitors in its fourteen ports, placing it as the country that receives the most cruise ships globally; And particularly Cozumel, Mexico, this year becomes the port with the largest passenger movement in the world, “said the head of SEDETUR.

To this we add that until May 28, in Tulum, has installed the third itinerant appearance in the world and the first in the American continent of the famous Michelin restaurant NOMA two stars. This restaurant has been called for several consecutive years “the best restaurant in the world”.

“In Quintana Roo Mexico we continue to promote the sector thanks to tour operators that provide day to day work, with an excellent product and quality in the service.

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You can visit some of the most beautiful nature reserves and protected areas near Cancun. The flora and fauna is incredible and you will have the chance to observe wildlife such as monkeys, whale sharks, flamingos, crocodiles, marine turtles and so much more in their natural habitat.

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Cancun hosts some wonderful restaurants and bars and clubs. Most popularly known are: Coco Bongos, Daddy O’s, Senor Frogs, Hard Rock Café, Margaritaville, Pat O’Briens, and The City.

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Culture and history info

The Mayan civilization was among the original cultures of the New World and spanned more than 3,000 years. The Mayans lived mainly on the Yucatan Peninsula in the eastern one third of Mesoamerica and at its peak had one of the most densely populated and culturally dynamic societies in the world. Mayan culture is known for its spectacular art, impressive architecture, and sophisticated mathematical and astronomical systems which were all way ahead of their time.

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